For Owners

The Differential

Moradia Carioca is an agency specializing in seasonal rentals in Rio de Janeiro that provides guests with exclusive services and benefits, providing a complete experience for clients. Customers can choose selected properties in our portfolio, enjoy exclusive benefits such as aggressive discounts at Rio's main restaurants and services such as executive transfer or exclusive tours. The property announced at Moradia Carioca will be replicated in more than 80 countries with our partner sales channels, bringing a high occupancy rate and excellent financial return.

The Partnership

Moradia Carioca does not require commercial exclusivity, because our main mission is to join forces with the owner, generating more business and revenue for the owner. The owner must stipulate a "partner price" with the agency to be competitive in the most liquid market. The commissioning of the agency is varied and will always be made on top of the "partner price", therefore, the owner should not pay any commissioning of the combined value for Moradia Carioca.

Ad Policy

The owner must inform the House Carioca which are the sales channels already practiced. Moradia Carioca will boost sales by placing your property on all other existing channels in the market and commercial partners of the agency.

Calendar update

The updating of the calendar is obligatory and the owner's responsibility inform the agency of any block or reservation of his own. If the owner has an active advertisement on any sales channel, it is possible to sync calendar through iCal, and it is enough for the owner to keep this calendar up to date so that our calendar is automatically updated through iCal.